Magic Smart Mirror

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Mirror mirror on the wall, whos the greatest of them all! A mirror that can talk? Sounds impossible right? Well hacker house just proved the possible by building a magic artificially intelligent mirror which can have conversations with its owner. They used a raspberry pi and a transparent screen which can display the output from the raspberry pi while reflecting your self image so you can see whether you look ugly or not.

3 thoughts on “Magic Smart Mirror”

  1. Lol, a mirror that can talk? That sounds pretty bizarre and interesting at the same time.
    I wonder how the heck they managed to fabricate such thing.
    It is surely a fun thing to talk o yourself while visualizing your own persona.
    Have you tried such thing, yet? I would love to get some user feedback on this 🙂

    1. Haha it’s crazy right ?! I’m definitely going to build this and add some more features to it like having the mirror converse with you and things like that. All of that is going to be on my diy channel you should definitely check it out if you like seeing cool things being constructed!

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