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Hi! I’m Nate and I’m the owner of this site. Technology and building have inspired me at a young age.

I even have a YouTube channel for all the D.I.Y-ers out there that love building and seeing cool things from TV shows and Video games being built. You can check it out here, m4k3rhum4n.

The purpose of this website is simple, to provide entertaining, interesting, and useful DIY tutorials as well as interesting products you can purchase on the web.

Im not here to spam you with boring DIY tutorials or lame products. Not all DIY tutorials listed here were originally made by me. Some of the products listed on this website are commissioned earned but is not the sole purpose of this site. Not all supplies needed for building certain DIY projects are listed in the ‘see build list’ portion but most times all items will be listed.¬†Products are not sold directly nor do I sell my own products unless requested.¬†

Feel free to contact me with DIY or product suggestions by filling out the form below!

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